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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to A Floating Point

Welcome! I'm an aspiring game developer and avid coder. Due to the knowledge I have acquired over the course of many classes and projects I felt I was at the point where I could share some of it with beginners in the field.

I've often been overburdened when learning new aspects of game development. Most resources and academic papers are not targeted at beginners. It's also unreasonable to expect people to teach you complex topics in their free time with elementary language on a forum thread. This can result in a great deal of frustration for new developers looking to learn things on their own.

I'm hoping to appeal to beginners by dissecting the topics I discuss down to their smallest parts. I will try to avoid throwing an abundance of equations onto a page and expecting you to figure it out, because I've been there and understand how unpleasant it can be.

I will soon be posting a detailed paper with code samples as a way to sort of launch this blog. The paper, Understanding Bounding Volumes, explains the purpose of bounding volumes and all the tests/operations required to use them. This project was a massive undertaking for me personally and required many hours of writing and revisions. At the moment it weighs in at over thirty pages. The code package currently includes about 11 demos.

All of this is offered completely free of charge. For me personally, it helps build a portfolio/resume of my abilities. Still, I receive no direct compensation for the work I post here. If you appreciate my work please post a complementary comment and consider subscribing. It would be greatly appreciated.

So welcome, and look out for that juggernaut of a paper here over the next few days.

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