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Monday, March 26, 2012

Currently Under Construction

Things have been a bit quiet here but rest assured I've been occupied with a number of things, some of which will have source code up here in less than a week.

Card Kingdom
The Card Kingdom project is a lot of fun and has a lot of potential to get better.  I've been working on gameplay code, camera systems, and helping with frustum culling.  I may very well be working on A.I. systems as well (which I look forward to, especially for the final boss).

JL Math
I wrote a post on SIMD processing but I want to prove I've truly dived into it.  Making an interface that works well with SSE2 and FPU is taking a bit longer than I originally expected, but should see something of an alpha release soon.  The math library, JL Math, is named after my initials because it's an individual project and I didn't have a witty name for it.  Ideally the interface could be expanded to work with Altivec sometime down the road too.  Right now it supports Vector2, Vector4, Matrix4, and Quaternions.

FMOD and Component Entity Models
I've been experimenting with the excellent FMOD library and trying to find ways to cleanly integrate the system into a component based engine.  One of the excellent things about FMOD is that you can often get most of the functionality you want with just a few function calls.  Under the hood this industry standard library does an awful lot of things for you (which are of course configurable).

In my ongoing efforts to increase my experience with multithreaded architectures I'm hoping to fit in one more non-school side project before I graduate.  So I bought Anthony Williams' excellent book, C++ Concurrency in Action and am auditing a Operating Systems course to get the concepts.  It'll take some careful planning to decide how I want to implement this knowledge, but I'm currently hoping to do something with particles that builds upon the SIMD math library in an effort to do everything in parallel.

Expect to hear more on all of these developments in the near future.

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