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Friday, October 28, 2011


Blasteroids is a reinterpretation of the popular game Asteroids.  It was built as a Flash project for school.  It controls like the original: you propel in your pointed direction, you wrap around the screen, and you press spacebar to shoot a projectile.  It features new artwork, and special seeker asteroids that explode and deal extra damage on impact.  Shooting them early can trigger an explosion which will damage any surrounding asteroids.  The game also features variable levels of difficulty selectable before the beginning of the game.

A remake of an old classic

Flash embedding and Blogger don't always seem to get along. You can play the game online here. The game may require Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to work properly. I personally had issues getting it to work with Firefox.  This isn't an issue with the game, merely a problem with the way Flash content is embedded into different browsers.  I will try to offer a better solution, embedded on this page, when I get the chance.

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