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Friday, October 28, 2011


My sophmore year I spent ~9 weeks working on a project called Resonance.  Our lead's pitch was green lit, and we quickly went to work on the project.  I was one of the two lead programmers on the game, working on low level rendering, animation, physics, and the like.  My fellow programmer also dedicated a significant amount of time helping me with these things and writing the game logic for all the game objects.  You can find more details about the game, including our design document and first playable on the lead's blog here.  Here's some footage of the first level in the game, which was mostly designed by myself (with feedback from the group and our professor).


Said level was built with the game editor I created.  Of course, I owe a lot of credit to the designers and artists who helped make it possible.  Here's some footage of the editor, with a voice over by yours truly explaining some details about the way it operates and the lessons I learned from creating it.
NOTE: I apologize for the audio quality.  You will likely have to turn up your volume to hear me clearly in these two videos.


And here's part two of the editor related videos showing the completed level used for the gameplay footage above, only this time loaded into the game editor.

A lot of the lessons learned from this project have directly influenced my XNA Game Engine (which I may introduce here sometime in the near future).

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