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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Randomized Prim's Algorithm and MineCraft

I recently implemented a procedural maze generation algorithm for MineCraft.  Using the Bukkit/CraftBukkit API with my own Chunk Generator I was able to create some awfully vast and daunting mazes inside the game.  Due to the way the API likes to write things one chunk at a time, I had to create the maze on the first chunk, store it statically, and convert the units of later chunks to create the blocks correctly.  The results were pretty encouraging:

A Bird's Eye View of a Procedurally Generated Maze

I used a variant of the Randomized Prim's Algorithm.  The basic algorithm, as described on Wikipedia is actually one of the most clear and concise explanations I have found.  The problem I had with most algorithms I found was that they used lines for walls rather than blocks themselves, which simply won't work in a 3D world of this sort (but are fine for things like online Java Applets).  Nonetheless, resources like Think Labyrinth and Daedalus are excellent references for exploring this line of algorithms.

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